The 702AV Brand Identity

The 702AV Brand Identity is defined by the Brand Promise, Brand Slogan and Brand Value. We will contribute to a better life, the evolution of society and the future of our planet by practicing these principles.

"Five Principles Regarding Brand Names"


There are five principles underlying the 702AV brand.


Symbols of Responsibility

The purpose of having brand names is to openly declare our responsibility for the products we produce and sell, and to indicate and guarantee product quality.

Images of Corporation and Products

Brand names symbolize our engineering activities and our marketing of high-quality products, the result of our basic management philosophy. They are also vital links between the corporation and the consumer.

Proof of Consumer Trust and Satisfaction

The strength of brand names, or brand image, indicates how well our activities are accepted by the consumer and how useful our products are to society. They are also proof of the consumer's satisfaction and society's trust.

Priceless Corporate Assets

Brand names are priceless corporate assets that have grown in value since the company was established. Constant effort by every department is the key to increasing the value of our brand assets.

Indicators of Employee Pride

Brand names indicate our pride in and determination to continue producing high-quality products. All employees should be fully aware of the value of brand names and use them with the greatest care and highest respect.